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Mark Driscoll’s Public Statement

An Update From Pastor Mark

At the end of this, I don’t know how you can’t say he is at the very least contrite.

There Is No ‘Party of Ideas’

Both parties, like the two-dimensional characters of Flatland, are locked into a frame of reference—the 20th century welfare state—that is increasingly irrelevant.
Eric B. Schnurer

via There Is No ‘Party of Ideas’ – The Atlantic.

Kids Receive Speech To Remember

Kids Receive Speech To Remember

I was impressed with coach Dave Belisle with the way he coached his team, and he made an impression on everyone who watched.

A Davidic Model for Prayer

A Davidic Model for Prayer

If you’re interested, here is my most recent sermon at Auburndale.

The Ethics of Creation Care and its Application to Global Warming

In an essay I wrote for an ethics class, I tackle the issue of a creation care imperative in the Bible, and I also explore whether global warming is occurring. I hope it helps some of you think through the issues as well.

Infographics on Ethical Issues

After research three very large ethical issues for a seminary class, I decided to make three infographics to represent the statistics. It is a powerful tool to visualize issues, and it’s even more powerful on ethical issues.

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