Closing Up Shop

I have made a dif­fi­cult decision—I’m going to close down this blog. Well, I should say I’m repur­pos­ing it, which I’ll explain more below.  It’s prob­a­bly one of the hard­est deci­sions I’ve made it quite a while.  This blog has existed with me in some form for almost a decade (Novem­ber 2004)!  It is a per­sonal tes­ti­mony to how I have […]

The Ethics of Creation Care and its Application to Global Warming

In an essay I wrote for an ethics class, I tackle the issue of a cre­ation care imper­a­tive in the Bible, and I also explore whether global warm­ing is occur­ring. I hope it helps some of you think through the issues as well.

Infographics on Ethical Issues

After research three very large eth­i­cal issues for a sem­i­nary class, I decided to make three info­graph­ics to rep­re­sent the sta­tis­tics. It is a pow­er­ful tool to visu­al­ize issues, and it’s even more pow­er­ful on eth­i­cal issues.